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Woven rattan outdoor patio chairs are more environmentally friendly

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Woven rattan outdoor patio chairs are more environmentally friendly

When people buy furniture, they always ask whether the decorative materials are natural, whether the formaldehyde content is up to the standard, whether the heavy metal elements are added or not, which reflects consumers'attention to health and environmental protection. Studies have shown that more than 50% of consumers in China pay attention to environmental protection when choosing household products. More than 30% of consumers regard environmental protection as the primary standard, and this proportion will increase year by year.

At the same time, according to incomplete statistics, environmental protection products accounted for more than half of the total sales in 2017, which shows that environmental protection has become the mainstream of building materials and household industry and will continue. The environmental protection of furniture and building materials mainly depends on the materials and glue. Left and right sofas are made of first-class natural materials such as cowhide, natural solid wood and imported East Asian sponges. Glue is a non-toxic and harmless water-borne glue, which returns to green and healthy natural life. Outdoor furniture is now more and more people like to choose rattan material, rattan outdoor patio chairs are the most popular, because their safety series is relatively high.

The design of outdoor patio chair of rattan weaving is simple, environmental protection and health factors are the current trend of household fashion. And outdoor furniture will be a collection of a variety of fashion elements, regardless of modern, Nordic, Italian style and other popular styles can be suitable, more with a variety of furniture collocation, create personalized home space.

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