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Wicker sofa sometimes have unique advantages

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Wicker sofa sometimes have unique advantages

Speaking of rattan furniture, do you have old-fashioned rattan chairs, wicker sofas or vegetable baskets in your mind? Now, such old-fashioned ideas need to be changed. Because in recent years, rattan weaving elements have changed and become the fashion industry's most popular fashion products.

Jane Birkin is the first person to carry the "vegetable basket" out of the fashion temperament. He is the fashionable man with Hermes bags named after her. Since then, people have found that old rattan knitting can be sent so fashionable!

Of course, fashion household is not willing to lag behind, rattan weaving since it can become fashionable artifacts, but also can play its unique light at home. Furniture such as wicker sofa will shine brightly.

The elements of rattan weaving can not only create a retro aesthetic feeling, but also mix with modern furniture making materials. Especially in the hot summer, that fresh and natural style can bring us cool bursts. Compared with other furniture materials, rattan furniture has some unique advantages:

1. Compared with general furniture, it is more durable, dirty and easy to handle.

2. Strong air permeability and refreshing hand feel are necessary for summer resort.

3. It's very convenient to clean. Usually it's enough to wipe the dust with a dry and soft cloth.

4. Lightweight, tough, easy to bend, long life, durable

5. The rattan is biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

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