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What is wicker furniture

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What is wicker furniture?

Xiaobian went swimming in the swimming pool two days ago and found that the furniture beside the swimming pool was very special, especially made of rattan. Rattan furniture is very popular these two years. Xiaobian also wants to have a wave of Amway.

So first of all, what is wicker furniture? As the name suggests, wicker furniture is an aggravation made of rattan. 

outdoor furniture

The furniture directly processed from rattan has a rough style, rich rural and wilderness flavor, and its structure and details are less limited by the material. 

restaurant furniture

The common ones are rocking chairs, flower racks, etc. Rattan furniture has the characteristics of elegant color, bright and clean cool, light and nimble. Whether placed indoors or in a garden, it can give people a strong local flavor and a light and elegant taste. Rattan is very soft when it is full of water, and it is very tough after drying. With the gradual enhancement of people's environmental awareness and the increasingly popular return to nature, various rattan art and green craft products began to enter thousands of households, becoming a new round of home decoration fashion. Rattan furniture with its simple, fresh features gradually won the favor of consumers.

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