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The role of wicker sofa in courtyard

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The role of wicker sofa in courtyard

The courtyard, surrounded by lush trees, is green when summer comes. It's all natural. There are some wildflowers as decoration, and a comfortable chair. Really, it's enough to sit here. Maybe it won't hurt to watch for a day. Nature gives us too much. We can slowly appreciate the beauty nature brings us.

On the floor, covered with anti-corrosive wood, the house can be expanded into larger space. Then plant flowers and some green plants. Become a garden. It should be very beautiful when it blossoms. Then put on a comfortable wicker sofa, and everything will be perfect.

Build a small house in a flower bush. You are in a flower bush. You can't sit there often in summer. In summer, you will attract insects. If you turn back to someone who is allergic to pollen, don't sit here. But put a few chairs, the overall look also has a special romantic feeling, and the wicker sofa and flowers can be very well matched together.

The roof of the terrace can be made into a retractable, especially convenient to control. If it's hot, pull up the curtain of the ceiling and shade us from the sun. When there's no sunshine, pull up the curtain. And there is a special romantic feeling after the curtain, that is, when it rains, it may not be very cost-effective, because the curtain is not very easy to clean.

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