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The outdoor sunbed by the sea brings me and my daughter leisure time

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The outdoor sunbed by the sea brings me and my daughter leisure time

The whole family went to Bamenwan Mangrove on the weekend. The two-and-a-half-year-old daughter ran and jumped on the track until lunch. The hammock hanging under the coconut tree made her feel strange. After lunch, I took her to lie in an outdoor sunbed . My daughter said that the bed was so comfortable that her voice became less and less and she fell asleep.

Outdoor lunch break, which is also the daughter's first experience, looks like she slept very quiet and comfortable. Because the outdoor sunbed design is very reasonable: under the big trees outside, it would have been cooler, plus an umbrella on the bed, enjoying the summer breeze, feeling much more comfortable than indoor air conditioning, while sleeping can breathe fresh air.

After dinner, I rushed to the beach with my girlfriend Xiaoxi, fearing that someone might take the outdoor sunbed we had lied in during our nap. When we arrived, we found that our worries were superfluous. There were no people on the whole beach. Apart from street lights and fishing fires on the beach, the biggest source of light was neon lights in distant hotels. The noisy beach in the daytime belongs to both of us now. The sea is ebbing, leaving a wide beach, which can go a long way. My daughter and I seized the time to occupy the bed, and then we could see people coming from a distance one after another. It was supposed to be people who came out for a walk after dinner.



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