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The importance of outdoor furniture in the construction of nursing home

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The importance of outdoor furniture in the construction of nursing home

With the aging phenomenon becoming more and more serious and the changing old-age pattern, the institutions of nursing homes have developed rapidly. With the improvement of people's economic living standards, the architectural design of nursing homes has also been paid more and more attention. In order to better serve the elderly, in order to attract the occupancy rate of the elderly, the design of nursing homes must follow the relevant standards and norms, and the outdoor furniture (such as outdoor furniture) facilities in the hospital should be suitable for the elderly, so as to get support and development in the later operation.

Criteria for site selection of nursing homes:

1. Site selection should meet the requirements of urban planning, with flat terrain, good engineering and hydrogeological conditions, and avoid natural disaster-prone areas.

2. Convenient transportation, good municipal conditions such as power supply, water supply and drainage, communication, etc.

3. Easy to use the social public service facilities such as living and medical treatment around.

4. Avoiding busy commercial areas and public entertainment places, and protecting distance from high noise and pollution sources, conforming to relevant safety and health regulations.

5. The outdoor furniture should be made of rattan material, so that the elderly can sit comfortably.

In addition, living rooms for the elderly should include bedrooms, bathrooms and other space, apartments for the elderly should also include living room, kitchen, balcony and other space; public service rooms should include kitchen, dining room, small kitchen, public bathroom, laundry room, etc; medical rooms should include clinics, observation rooms, fitness activities room should include activity room (including reading room, chess room), health room, etc. The government auxiliary room should include office, warehouse, reception room, small shop and other space.

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