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The importance of bamboo chair in modern life

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The importance of bamboo chair in modern life

In Lixian's modern life, if there is only one balcony at home, you might as well choose a wooden or bamboo chair with the same or opposite color as the interior furniture, add a small round table, and add a few pots of green plants beside it. This not only makes the balcony narrow space appear spacious, but also deliberately creates a quadrangular courtyard landscape.

For the outdoor courtyard and platform on the first floor, personalized outdoor leisure area can be customized according to the owner's living habits. First of all, plan the use of this outdoor space: if the platform is just a place for you to relax and enjoy the outdoor scenery, it only needs a bamboo chair and a small tea table.

Of course, specific to what kind of space to choose what kind of material outdoor furniture, in fact, also consider and indoor style coordination. Simple European or modern decoration style, iron art, aluminum, vine imitation outdoor furniture are more suitable; Chinese style decoration style, outdoor furniture can choose wood, vine imitation. Generally speaking, the lines of iron art are smooth, the design of patterns is luxurious and elegant, easy to coordinate with the interior design of classical style, so as to achieve the combination of rigidity and softness; while the wooden outdoor furniture is more suitable for the interior environment of modern and simple style, and the lines are generally linear, or some exaggerated natural original ecological models.

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