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The coffee chair shows people's psychology.

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The coffee chair shows people's psychology.

According to a report in the April 25 issue of Progress in Science, published by British Science News website, the distance people are seated and whether they avoid or move the coffee chairs blocking the corridors reveal whether their cultural roots come from the south of China where rice is grown or the north of China where wheat is grown. Fang.

Psychologist Thomas Talheim and colleagues say that the 9,000-year history of neighborhood collaboration in rice cultivation in southern China has encouraged people to pay more attention to others than to themselves for a long time, even in today's urban people in the region. Researchers point out that social interdependence remains the cultural value of the region.

Reported that this situation appeared in the coffee shop. Tarlheim's team says middle-class urban residents in southern China, who have never planted rice, often sit with others and bypass chairs blocked by corridors. In northern cities, people are more likely to sit alone in coffee chairs and remove other coffee chairs that are in the way. Scientists believe that the long history of growing wheat and cereals more independently in the North has promoted a culture that pays more attention to individuals than to others.

Tarlheim, of the Booth School of Business at the University of Chicago, says that different agricultural heritage gives people in North and South China a unique culture of social behavior, even among people who have not been farmed.

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