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The benches restaurant furniture design made of anticorrosive wood are very durable

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The benches restaurant furniture design made of anticorrosive wood are very durable

Antiseptic wood is a kind of common wood which is manually added with chemical preservatives. It has the characteristics of anti-corrosion, moisture-proof, fungus-proof, insect-proof, mildew-proof and water-proof. Being able to directly contact with soil and humid environment, it is often used in outdoor flooring, engineering, landscape, anti-corrosion wooden flower rack, etc. for people to rest and enjoy the natural beauty. It is an ideal material for outdoor flooring, garden landscape, wooden swing, entertainment facilities, wooden trestle, outdoor furniture and so on. It is favored by horticultural designers. It is also ideal to use this material to make outdoor benches restaurant furniture design . 

Rigorous quality control of preservative wood is waterproof, but the quality of preservative wood on the market is uneven, the amount of preservation and penetration in wood. This mainly depends on the amount of energy absorbed by wood (reasonable and effective preservatives). So the moisture content of wood before anti-corrosion treatment should be less than or equal to 13%. Some anti-corrosion is also two or three years, good quality can be anti-corrosion for 100 years. The benches restaurant furniture design are suitable for parks and are very durable.

At present, the main production of antiseptic wood medicines are uneven, and the production process jerry-built. For example, they are required to be dried before anticorrosive treatment, but they are pretended to be dried by air drying in the market. As a result, they are dry outside and wet inside. In this way, the medicinal liquid can not be fully immersed, and the anticorrosive wood is easy to crack and rot.

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