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Sun loungers are not allowed on some beaches

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Sun loungers are not allowed on some beaches

Most people who like to travel to the seaside have probably noticed the Sanya tourist area in China. As for the charge, some people say that all the beaches there are free of charge. Even the beaches at the entrance of the Yalong Bay Hotel can be visited at will. As for the sun loungers on the beach, Sanya does not allow such sun loungers and umbrellas to operate on the beach, nor does it allow itself. Tents have been set up, so there are no such services on several major beaches, some are the hotel's own umbrella, non-hotel guests can not use.

Others say that Sanya has free beaches and free beaches. Sanya Bay Coconut Dream Corridor Beach, 18 kilometers long, is free. Dadonghai Beach belongs to 4A class scenic spot, which is also free of charge. Yalong Bay Seabed World also has free beaches, and even the beaches of many five-star hotels are free and open to the outside world. You will not charge for entering Yalong Bay from the other side of the seabed world. If you enter from the central square, you will definitely need to buy tickets. Dozens of yuan a ticket. Some private beaches are accessible only by booking hotels.

So tourists should know the local conditions before going out, so that they can have a pleasant journey. If a friend who likes to lie on a sun loungers and sunbathe at the beach goes to a place where these facilities are not available, it will be quite disappointing!

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