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Star-opened cafes even feature coffee aluminum chairs

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Star-opened cafes even feature coffee aluminum chairs

According to Taiwanese media reports, Kunling's pet cafe, which has operated for three years, announced its closure. "Machi Doggie Fashion & Coffee" announced on March 5 that it will open until March 27. This Cafe named after Kunling pet Machi (Maggie) has accumulated many loyal customers for more than three years. Jay Chou often appears in the cafe from time to time and is "captured" by surprises of many diners. This time, due to the expiration of the lease and business adjustment, it announced a temporary closure, which made many fans quite reluctant.

Kunling coffee shop is known to have a high rent, but also because many large international brands have entered the business circle in recent years, from the Film Street to Chengdu Road sports brand, the rent has risen, the monthly rent ranges from 10 to 200,000 yuan (about 40,000 yuan), the annual rent is more feared to reach 30 million yuan (about 6.5 million yuan), many cafes are not as good as the shop rent and have closed down. However, it is said that the coffee shop operated by Kunling is only closed and rectified, not closed. It can be seen that the design of the cafe is more distinctive, and the coffee aluminum chairs has modern concise aesthetic feeling.

In the star-opened cafe, order a cup of coffee, sit quietly in the coffee aluminum chairs waiting for the occasional idol, do not know how it feels? I hope the cafe in Kunling will open as soon as possible. Don't let fans wait!

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