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Standards for outdoor bamboo furniture chairs

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Standards for outdoor bamboo furniture chairs

For iron outdoor bamboo furniture chairs, the surface is basically electroplated or oxidized. The material itself has strong mechanical properties and is not easy to wear, so it is widely used. The first net of decoration reminds us that the rust-proof treatment must be in place, and the oxide layer which protects the surface of iron furniture is very easy to wear. When using, we should try our best to avoid knocking on the surface of furniture. Solid wood furniture surface will be waxed or painted, anti-corrosion treatment, in order to avoid human damage while scrubbing, do not use strong acid and alkali, lest damage the paint film. As for rattan appliances, the durability of materials is the worst, so we should make full use of their advantages of lightness, and try to put them away when not in use, otherwise the service life is very short.

As there is no strict industry standard for outdoor furniture such as outdoor bamboo furniture chairs, the contract must reflect the product's technical requirements, use time, warranty period, paint time, coating quality period, etc. Only when the technical standards are reflected in the contract documents, disputes can be handled easily. The relevant departments can identify the product according to the technical requirements. The first website of decoration reminds us that it is very difficult to simulate the use of furniture in outdoor natural environment and various wear and corrosion, so there is no unified technical standard at present, but with the growing market of outdoor furniture products, in order to standardize the industry, the state and relevant departments should introduce quality standards applicable to products.

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