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Shipwreck bookstore has a special outdoor cafe table and chairs

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Shipwreck bookstore has a special outdoor cafe table and chairs

Venice's Shipwreck Bookstore is a bookstore that will be blistered from time to time. Hidden in a long lane, the bookstore looks insignificant, but it is known as "one of the most beautiful bookstores in the world".

When you open the door and walk into the bookstore, you will find that many books are randomly stacked in the bathtub and Gondola (Venice's traditional boat), and there seems to be a trace of regularity in the chaos.

This special arrangement is absolutely not a mystery. Because during the period of high water level in Venice from November to March next year, the bookstore below sea level will be "patronized" by water, so only in this way can we ensure that the books will not be immersed. In addition to the way in which books are placed, the rules of book placement are also very special. It's not classified like traditional bookstores, and the experience of finding books without trace is like a treasure-hunting trip.

In addition to the bookstore, the backyard of the bookstore must not be missed! There are outdoor cafe table and chairs with nostalgic and retro style. It feels very good to look at them. The outdoor cafe table and chairs seem really old at first glance, but there is a special feeling that the more you look at them, the more you like them. There are also stairs built with used books, which are one of the card-punching sites on ins. There are instructions on the wall. If you follow the instructions on the wall and climb up the stairs, you will get a wonderful reward for overlooking the beauty of the Venice Canal.

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