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Reporters found that outdoor couch sales are increasing

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Reporters found that outdoor couch sales are increasing

In recent years, the yearning for pastoral life has become a fashion of urban life. Developers also seize the opportunity to pack the top floor and the first floor into a naturalistic or leisure style, or to introduce balconies and home gardens, focusing on buyers with "feelings" and "culture".

Reporters found that more and more people love leisure outdoor furniture. Not only do people with large terraces and gardens purchase various styles of outdoor furniture to create indoor gardens and courtyard life, but even residents with indoor gardens also strive to create an outdoor living space in their own square metres, a recreational outdoor couch plus an iron tea table. Green planting becomes an independent fifth space, enjoying semi-open outdoor leisure life in close contact with sunshine and green planting.

Reporters visited several furniture stores in the city and found that the outdoor couch sales volume was the highest. In earlier years, there were few outdoor couch sold in the provincial capital. In recent years, as mushrooms have sprung up, and has been supplying export business. In China, many furniture and building materials stores have entered the exclusive business of outdoor furniture. In the sales center, small-scale real-life gardens attract many customers to stop and enjoy recreation, including outdoor couch for leisure.

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