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Relevant departments have made requirements for school dining chairs

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Relevant departments have made requirements for school dining chairs

In order to standardize the market of off-campus trusteeship institutions and ensure the safety of students'living and eating in off-campus trusteeship institutions, recently, the Canal Street Office and the public security, fire protection, education, market supervision, construction, social affairs management and other departments jointly inspected and checked 48 off-campus trusteeship institutions within their jurisdiction.

The Canal Street Office actively records the off-campus trusteeship institutions that have completed the rectification and standardized operation. In order to strengthen the management of off-campus trusteeship institutions, members of the leading group of safety management work of off-campus trusteeship institutions in Canal District implement information sharing. The Canal Street Office timely informs relevant departments of the off-campus trusteeship institutions'filing situation and potential safety hazards found in the area under its jurisdiction, and establishes a working mechanism of co-management to ensure the safety and healthy growth of students. Up to now, 28 trusteeship agencies in the Canal District have passed the acceptance and completed the record, and set standards for school dining chairs.

The tables and dining chairs announced here are: Xiaochu Gao Trusteeship Center, Oriental Huile Trusteeship Center, New Century Trusteeship Center, Chunlei Tofu Center, Yixin School Trusteeship Center, Xiaozhuangyuan Trusteeship Center, Tianjin Upward Trusteeship Center, Kirin Small Table, Wisdom Star Trusteeship Center, Future Star Trusteeship, Yucai School Outside Trusteeship Center, Creating a Trusteeship Center, Beijing Normal Trusteeship Center, Star Trusteeship, Rende And trusteeship center, Boya trusteeship, etc.

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