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Promotes the construction, and patio chairs are widely used

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Promotes the construction, and patio chairs are widely used

In recent years, Ningxia has vigorously promoted the construction of villages and towns and the renovation of rural human settlements, constantly improving the living environment and production and living conditions of rural people. Up to now, 104 beautiful towns and 588 beautiful villages have been built, 1820 old villages have been renovated, 185,000 kilometers of new rural roads have been built, and the coverage rate of concentrated water supply in villages has reached 84%.

According to the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Construction of the Chinese Autonomous Region, Ningxia has continued to promote the construction of beautiful countryside with eight major projects as the main contents, such as "planning leading, rural housing transformation, income doubling, basic supporting, environmental renovation, ecological construction, service upgrading and civilized construction". Every year, 20 beautiful small towns and 100 beautiful villages are built, and the "four reforms" (water and civilized construction) are vigorously carried out. Toilets, kitchens and circles, five modernizations (hardening, greening, beautification, brightening and purification), six links (water, electricity, ventilation, access, communication, bus), and the beautiful countryside of "village beauty, idyllic beauty, life beauty and fashion beauty".

This year, Ningxia will build 20 beautiful small towns and 100 beautiful villages. Set up patio chairs and other rest facilities in villages for people to use. There are a lot of patio chairs beside the town's woody trails. People can easily find a place to rest after they are tired of walking or shopping.

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