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Plastic and PE rattan outdoor chairs

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Plastic and PE rattan outdoor chairs

Introduction of the following two materials for outdoor chairs:

Plastic outdoor chairs:

1. Plastic products are easy to aging, so natural life is shorter than other materials of furniture, but the price is lower, suitable for the pursuit of changing fashion.

2. The outdoor furniture made of macromolecule porous calcium plastics has the characteristics of heat insulation, good cushioning and strong fire resistance similar to wood. The furniture made of it overcomes the shortcomings of conventional plastic furniture that is not insoluble. Even if it is exposed to strong sunlight for ten hours, it can also be non-deformable, non-cracking and non-fading.

3. Plastic furniture for outdoor use can be washed with ordinary detergent after being dirty. Be careful not to wash with metal.

4. Plastic veneer furniture should not be exposed to direct sunlight and local vertical pressure, nor be heated.

5. It is necessary to choose plastic furniture with corresponding load-bearing to avoid danger.

PE rattan outdoor chair:

1. PE rattan, a kind of improved polymer material, is a common rattan-like outdoor furniture on the market nowadays. It is not only cheaper than rattan, but also saves the trouble of maintenance. Wash dirty, it's better for outdoor use.

2. When buying rattan products, you must touch them with your hands. The rattan that feels smooth, flexible and without barbs is the best.

3. After choosing the product, it's better to sit up and try in person to see if there is any loosening sound due to shaking or overloading. Finally, it's necessary to check whether the joints are firm.

4. After special treatment, rattan and bamboo outdoor furniture has the characteristics of moisture-proof, moth-proof and rain-proof, but its durability is not as good as real wood and metal furniture, and it is better to be indoor when not in use.

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