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PE imitation rattan chairs are excellent and versatile.

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PE imitation rattan chairs are excellent and versatile.

Most of the rattan chairs we see in our daily life are made of PE rattan-like chairs, which are called rattan-like chairs for short. They are made of rattan-like materials, metal skeleton and hand-woven furniture products. Furniture imitation rat-tan not only has the traditional weaving mechanism characteristics of rattan furniture, but also has the characteristics of good softness, strong color stability, color can be maintained for a long time; products are not mildewed, easy to clean; can resist ultraviolet rays, not afraid of sunshine and rain, light and firm.

In addition to vine-like chairs, there are various sofas, tables, and even crafts can be made with vine-like PE. Here is a brief introduction of common materials:

The main material of vine-like furniture is PE rattan. The common colors are black, coffee, beige and white. According to shape and effect, it can be divided into flat rattan, garden rattan, embossed rattan, simulated rattan, effect rattan, discolored rattan, rattan tube and so on. Because of its strong toughness and aging resistance, it is suitable for all kinds of modern vine-like furniture and vine-like crafts. It not only has the characteristics of beauty, durability, sanitation, washability, high emphasis, not easy to mildew, but also does not contain harmful sub-stances. It is one of the important materials of outdoor furniture.

Outdoor furniture is made of PE rattan, which can effectively reduce the cost, and the product is also simple and versatile. In modern cities, this kind of furniture can be seen everywhere.

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