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Outdoor tables and chairs of various materials

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Outdoor tables and chairs of various materials

At present, many people like to put a set of outdoor tables and chairs on the balcony. 

Balcony has indoor balcony and outdoor balcony, most of the three or four floors of the residential area are indoor balcony, and to the higher floor of the household is the choice of outdoor balcony. 

metal bistro table

The balcony of the villa is mostly an outdoor balcony, which makes it easier to accept outdoor air and sunlight. 

For indoor or outdoor balcony, the area that accepts sunlight is the most, so the furniture that chooses outdoor special material can, because outdoor special material furniture, sunscreen waterproof moisture-proof performance is better, quality is better. 

So let's talk about what kind of furniture is made of outdoor materials? 

First: aluminum alloy outdoor tables and chairs. 

Aluminum alloy tables and chairs are no stranger to everyone, outdoor pure aluminum alloy tables and chairs in the workmanship and material selection more attention, cushion cloth choice will also be more suitable for outdoor. 

Modeling is also very simple, will not occupy too much balcony space. 

Second: rattan makes outdoor tables and chairs. 

Rattan furniture is processed with PE rattan, pure manual weaving, modern machines can not weave such a technology. 

In addition to the above two of the most popular materials, there are wood-proof outdoor mound. 

If you use imitation wood tables and chairs, the desktop is easier to clean than the one with glass, and it's not too heavy in itself. 

Sun, rain, moisture. 

More advanced outdoor furniture has solid wood material, but generally speaking, this kind of outdoor furniture is relatively heavy, not easy to move.

metal patio table




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