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Outdoor sunbed can also be rented

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Outdoor sunbed can also be rented

Houses can be rented, and household goods are no exception. It is understood that in 2017, when the share economy was prevalent, a number of share home apps emerged in the market, even outdoor sunbed can be rented. The essence behind these platforms is "home rental".

Reporters in a certain APP see that users can rent furniture, household appliances, jewelry hanging three types of products, and according to the design style of the package selection, products by three months, rent from several yuan to hundreds of yuan. It is understood that after customers place orders in APP, the platform will provide free delivery and maintenance, but additional installation and disassembly charges will be charged. For example, an outdoor sunbed costs 80 yuan and a Double Drawer Bedside Cabinet 30 yuan. Platform customer service told reporters that if users need to refund rent in advance, they still have to pay the rent of the remaining period.

Ms. Hu, who works in Shenzhen, told reporters that she and her roommate rented a three-room, two-room house. The landlord's furniture was very simple, so she chose to rent furniture on the platform. "Desks, sofas, receipt cabinets and so on can be rented, the longer the rent will be more preferential." She said she rented 12 pieces of furniture and household appliances, with an average annual rent of about 400 yuan per month.

Short rental cycle, changing consumption concept and other factors have brought home rental market.



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