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Outdoor sofa in Louvre Import Hall

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Outdoor sofa in Louvre Import Hall

As the most complete and largest imported furniture exhibition hall in the world, Louvre Import Hall is committed to introducing the world's most fashionable home design and products to share with the people. There are many classic Italian imported furniture, especially the extraordinary works of many famous international designers. It has both classic works of respect and benchmark design to guide the trend. It is a modern living room. Bring unique temperament. On September 8th, Louvre Import Hall joined hands with dozens of top Italian furniture brands, 1000 new Milan furniture products were launched in China, and invited Jiangfeng, Du Kangsheng and other Chinese and foreign design cafes to come and share the most cutting-edge design concepts, among which outdoor sofas and other furniture exploded unique furniture design inspiration.

Outdoor sofa has always been one of the most popular outdoor furniture. Whether it is furniture designers or architects, they get inspiration from perceiving the changes of life, constantly break the conventions and subvert traditions, inject more ingenuity and vitality into furniture, and make modern living space full of more possibilities.

The Louvre Import Pavilion, in order to create a perfect home for the Chinese people, has continued to cooperate with many well-known international designers: this year, it has introduced more high-end resources, including the top Italian furniture brand B&B Italia; international design giant cafen, Du Kangsheng, Hu Weijian, Pan Hongbin; domestic well-known real estate developer Ruian Real Estate Foshan Ruian Tiandi, the customization Center lineup has been upgraded again. To jointly draw a new blueprint for high-end home decoration and customization center, to meet the high-level customization of "home" by Chinese high-level personages, and bring more endless possibilities for home

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