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Outdoor sleep requires an outdoor daybed

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Outdoor sleep requires an outdoor daybed

Outdoor sleeping is more common in the Soviet Union because they have longer winters and less sunshine. If children do not go out because of the cold, they seldom get the benefits of outdoor air and sunshine and are prone to rickets. It is very important to put outdoor daybeds on your own terrace or balcony for people to sleep on.

Studies have shown that the growth of children can not be separated from the body's growth hormone "catalysis", and growth hormone secretion peak is in sleep. How can children sleep longer? Sleep in an outdoor daybed is a good way. It is not only a kind of sleep, but also a kind of exercise. It can bring many benefits that children can not get from indoor sleep.

First, outdoor sleep can enjoy more sunlight, which can enhance children's calcium absorption, utilization and metabolism, and help prevent and cure rickets, which is particularly valued in Russia.

Second, outdoor air is fresh, oxygen flow is sufficient, easy to let children into deep sleep, thereby promoting growth hormone secretion and brain development.

Third, outdoor sleep can also enhance children's respiratory tract adaptation and resistance to cold stimulation, thereby effectively reducing the incidence of respiratory diseases such as upper sensation.

Fourthly, outdoor sleep increases children's chances of intimate contact with nature, which is conducive to the cultivation of pleasant mood and independent personality, and can be regarded as a way of sleeping that benefits both body and mind.

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