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Outdoor sectional and other furniture sales are increasing

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Outdoor sectional and other furniture sales are increasing

According to Deng Jingjing, deputy general manager of Huajia Branch of China Foreign Trade Guangzhou Exhibition Corporation, the 37th China (Guangzhou) Family Fair started to set up outdoor furniture exhibition area in 2009. The number and scale of exhibitors have steadily increased in the past seven years. This exhibition has reached 250, with a scale of 60,000 square meters, reaching a new historical high. As the industry continues to grow, more attention and exploration are needed for outdoor furniture. Outdoor sectional are most welcomed by all countries in the world. So CIFF joined hands with Sina Home to hold this China Outdoor Furniture Summit Forum, hoping to further promote the development of outdoor furniture industry.

It is reported that in 2016, the global outdoor sectional and other furniture can reach $28 billion, most of which are in Europe and the United States, and the remaining 30% are mostly in China, but outdoor products in China are still a "blue sea" to be exploited urgently.

China's leisure and outdoor industries are developing rapidly, with an annual growth rate of about 50%, with huge potential. Leisure industry in the West has been very mature. With the improvement of living standards in China, many leisure industries have emerged. This is an opportunity for enterprises to produce outdoor products and furniture such as outdoor sectional. In addition, there are more and more Chinese living, studying abroad and traveling abroad. The concept and way of life of foreign countries will further affect China, which will further increase the demand for outdoor furniture.

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