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Outdoor patio chairs are becoming more and more popular

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Outdoor patio chairs are becoming more and more popular

Do you remember the Roman pillars and fireplaces that were once popular in luxury urban houses a few years ago, the gypsum lines and art ceiling that are necessary for ordinary families? They have been completely eliminated. "Decoration is actually very simple, the original wall is a rough beauty." In the Wolf Club of Yuancun Heng'an Building, the original cement wall is its characteristic. Some elements of the courtyard are also introduced into the interior. All natural materials, such as rattan, hemp, wood and fabric, are widely used. Gravel slabs and even gravel are introduced into family decoration. Gravel, pebbles, wooden piers, natural rubble and small woody plants are everywhere. patio chairs on family balconies and balconies are more frequently used.

More green ornamental plants are arranged in the balcony or balcony space, which is also the living habits of the Lehuo people. Not only for beauty, but more importantly, some plants also have anti-radiation effects, such as cactus, gemstone flowers and so on. With outdoor patio chairs, chatting with family members on the terrace in the afternoon or after dinner can enhance the feelings between family members, which is a very good thing.

Some of DIY's environmentally friendly furniture is also the current favorite of people, you can set up your own favorite look. Besides patio chairs, DIY sofas are also quite popular.

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