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Outdoor garden table played a role in landslides

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Outdoor garden table played a role in landslides

In the event of landslide in India, the fire rescue headquarters held a meeting to summarize the previous rescue work and arrange the next stage of work.

At the site of the collapse, there are still some large building components hanging over the hillside, which may fall at any time. It can be seen that there is a residential area with a certain garden construction. There are also outdoor garden table and chairs in the garden. In order to prevent the danger of secondary disasters and ensure the safety of rescue workers, rescue workers temporarily evacuated from the rubble. Rescue in other locations is still ongoing.

On the north side of the landslide site, rescue workers set up some monitoring equipment to monitor the secondary disasters that may occur in the mountain at all times, and the unmanned aerial vehicles for geological monitoring are also on standby. In addition, rescuers began to use excavators around the collapse to try to open a new rescue channel.

When the accident happened, some people took a leisure walk in the garden. When the landslide suddenly happened, some old people and children could not leave in time, but hid under the outdoor garden table to avoid a disaster. They were very lucky.

According to the actual situation on the spot, the command stressed that in the next stage of work, the search and rescue force should be further optimized and adjusted according to the task arrangement, so that the search and rescue force can be lean, the search and rescue speed can be improved, and the strength and equipment can be concentrated to search and rescue the trapped people as quickly as possible.

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