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Outdoor aluminum chairs on the body

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Outdoor aluminum chairs on the body

In our daily life, there are many people who work almost all day, such as assembly line workers and so on. They are very tired when they stand down one day, and it is easy to cause leg muscle strain for a long time. For this reason, a foreign company came up with a sudden idea and invented a chair that can be worn on their body. This magic chair can be "worn" out at any time as an outdoor aluminum chair. It doesn't take up space yet!

This outdoor aluminum chair that can be worn on the body is called Chairless Chair. It's very unique. It can sit like a chair just by wearing on the body and making a sitting posture. Does it sound fantastic, and it weighs only 2 kilograms, even if it's worn all day, it won't feel bad. Besides, it's powered by electricity, a 6V chair. Battery, you can make it work 24 hours continuously.

It is made of aluminium and carbon fibers, and its use is very simple. It can be fastened firmly to the waist and thighs with a belt, and it also has shock absorber connecting characteristic shoes to support the weight. Users only need to fix the exoskeleton on their legs, and then start the power supply, the exoskeleton will touch the ground when presented. When you sit in a position, you support your body. Do you want to own such a magical outdoor aluminum chair?

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