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Outdoor Table the Choice

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Outdoor Table the Choice

Choosing an outdoor table is not a simple matter. In addition to having a beautiful appearance, we should pay more attention to its material. For years of being placed outdoors under the baptism of wind and rain, we must pay attention to corrosion resistance and aging resistance, but also easy to handle. The imitation rattan outdoor table makes up for the fact that it is not easy to handle and can not be put outdoors. The imitation rattan tables and chairs have strong mouldability and the effect is the same as the appearance and weaving effect of the genuine rattan tables and chairs, but they have more shapes and shapes than genuine rattan tables and chairs, and they are better managed outdoors.

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The combination of softness and warmth of rattan and cold iron, combined with rigidity and softness, is especially suitable for outdoor use. The most prominent furniture of rattan iron is hanging basket and rocking chair. The rattan chair will not squeak when sitting on it because of excessive force. When choosing the rattan chair and table, we should pay attention to whether the welding joint is firm or not, and whether the interface of the rattan is exposed to the surface. Good Teng Tie table and chair welding points are smooth and strong, and rattan knitting surface is smooth, without stubble.

Tieyi outdoor table has always been a popular product, especially in summer, sitting on the iron chair feel the cold of iron, it is also a very summer thing. Iron art tables and chairs are mainly cast iron tables and chairs and forged iron tables and chairs, especially those with elegant style of forged iron tables and chairs. Seiko and meticulous forged iron furniture, especially to show the charm of classical Europe, its strong sense of art to the courtyard and terrace brought a rare landscape.

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