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Ordinary outdoor armchairs are safer to use

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Ordinary outdoor armchairs are safer to use

According to this netizen, his colleague's chair exploded inexplicably. Fortunately, his colleague who usually sat in his chair all day went to the bathroom at that time, so he was not injured.

Generally speaking, two kinds of conditions may lead to explosion: one is uneven thickness of air spring wall or excessive preload; the other is frequent adjustment and rotation of height and height, resulting in overheating explosion. Normally, the barrel is filled with high purity inert gas nitrogen. When a person sits on a chair, although the pressure of nitrogen is increased, it is still in the limit range and no problem will occur. However, some inferior bars often have some problems, such as insufficient nitrogen purity, poor material quality, etc. In the case of high temperature in summer or frequent rise and fall of seats, the pressure inside bars rises sharply and explosions are very easy to occur.

Office chair accidents have been seen more than once on the Internet, and some people have been injured as a result. It's really dangerous. For the sake of safety, it is suggested that we consider choosing ordinary outdoor armchairs without air bars.

Ordinary outdoor armchairs are affordable and don't worry about accidents. As long as the chair's seat is high and the back-to-desk ratio is appropriate, it can be comfortable and reassuring.

Now there are various kinds of outdoor armchairs available on the market, of course, some with pneumatic bars, if you must choose this type of chair, you must choose the brand manufacturer to produce oh!

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