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One of the Choice Methods of Garden Furniture Sofa Sets

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One of the Choice Methods of Garden Furniture Sofa Sets

How to choose garden furniture sofa sets and other solid wood furniture? So we can use these two methods as reference.

1. Judging whether furniture brand such as garden furniture sofa sets is really made of solid wood.

Mainly watch the door panels and side panels, they are solid wood furniture craftsmanship testimony.

Skills: Scar, grain and cross section

Scar: Look at the location of the scarred side and find out if there are corresponding patterns on the other side.

Wood pattern: The appearance seems to be a pattern, then corresponding to the change of the pattern position, in the back of the cabinet door to see the corresponding pattern, if the corresponding well is pure wood.

Section: The color of the section is darker than that of the panel, and it can be seen that the whole piece of wood is made, which is the most representative feature of Chinese solid wood furniture.

2. Looking at tree species, solid wood furniture price is a very influential factor.

What kind of solid wood is made of, which directly affects the price and quality of garden furniture sofa sets . From the cheapest pine and oak to the expensive mahogany, prices vary by tens of times. So don't ignore tree species because it's solid wood. After all, solid wood like pine has much worse performance than wood-based panels except for environmental protection. For ordinary families, the use of the most important, Ouyag Shangri Nanmu furniture wood delicate coloring good, after coloring, three-dimensional beautiful texture appears, and processing performance is also very good, overall cost-effective.

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