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Notices for Choosing Outdoor Sofa

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Notices for Choosing Outdoor Sofa

When we buy outdoor sofas or other outdoor furniture, we often see a layer of paint on the surface, so how to choose their material?

1. Solid wood outdoor sofa is more environmentally friendly

According to professionals, there are three main types of wood furniture, one is solid wood furniture, one is wood-based panel furniture, one is solid wood and wood-based panel furniture, the latter two are commonly referred to as panel furniture.

Solid wood furniture is on the high side, but it does not contain formaldehyde and is more environmentally friendly. Plate furniture is cheap, but it contains harmful substances such as formaldehyde.

Formaldehyde content is qualified product as long as it is within the standard range. It is suggested that when purchasing furniture, the seller should provide the furniture inspection qualified report.

2. The discoloration of furniture such as outdoor sofa may be a quality problem.

Professional explanation: The same problem still occurs many times in the replacement, indicating that this batch of products use the same process and raw materials, and may have quality problems. It is suggested that you negotiate with the manufacturer to return the goods, or take the products to the quality supervision department for inspection, so that the other party can bear the cost of inspection.

4. The taste of outdoor furniture does not necessarily exceed the standard of formaldehyde.

Professional: This one needs to be tested before the answer can be given. Some consumers buy furniture for a long time or taste, because the release of formaldehyde is slow, if the formaldehyde content of furniture exceeds the standard, it is easy to long-term odor. Of course, the taste of furniture is not necessarily the fault of furniture. Because such a situation may not be the furniture itself taste big, such as small housing area, put too many furniture.

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