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Moisture-proof methods for bistro table and chairs

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Moisture-proof methods for bistro table and chairs

In spring, moisture-proof furniture is indispensable. If some valuable furniture is not well maintained in spring, it will seriously affect their service life, especially leather, solid wood, cloth, metal, rattan and other material furniture is the "focus of disaster".

Cortical chair: desiccant dehumidification effect is the best

After each dust removal, coat the surface with mink oil, sheep oil, leather oil, etc. Use soft dry cloth to wipe off the moisture on the surface, and then apply the maintenance oil of epithelial leather after removing the mildew spots. For the leather sofa, consider appropriate drying agent to keep dry.

Bistro table and chairs: Moisture-proof with absorbent paper

Return symptoms: Nowadays, many solid wood furniture have undergone strict drying treatment before leaving the factory, but this does not mean that moistureproof care is not required.

Solutions: bistro table and chairs should be maintained with special detergent, which can be evenly coated with protective wax or special detergent, and then wiped gently; or stick with absorbent paper on the surface of furniture to prevent moisture; wood-based panel furniture is not well sealed or damp, which can easily cause expansion and damage of the furniture board. Waterproof should be paid attention to when using, and under the legs of furniture which is easy to absorb water. Install Waterproof Mattress and leave ventilation distance near the outside wall and the wall of toilet.

Metal Furniture: Dry cloth, wipe away rust inhibitor frequently.

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