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Material Introduction of Wood Outdoor Patio Chair

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Material Introduction of Wood Outdoor Patio Chair

If you have a small garden, you should make good use of and design this rare outdoor space. Placing outdoor furniture in the garden is a very popular choice. Let's briefly explain the material types of wooden outdoor chairs. There are many subdivisions. Here's just a brief explanation.

Making materials of wooden outdoor patio chairs:

1. Camphor in Southeast Asia: Camphor is borneolum, produced in Malaysia. Wood is slightly glossy, texture slightly interlaced; structure slightly rough, uniform; hardness medium to large, high strength. Raw wood is easy to process, smooth cut surface, good polishing, strong nail grip. After drying, it is manually or mechanically processed.

2. Teak: Teak, large deciduous trees, native to South Asia. Teak is mainly sold in the market from Myanmar, commonly known as "Taishao" in the market. Its sapwood is yellowish brown and reddish, which is obviously different from heartwood. Its width is about 3 centimeters, heartwood is light brown. It turns dark brown in the air for a long time. The wood is lustrous and oily. It has stable size, strong rot resistance and ant resistance. It can resist marine drill wood animal hazards and immersion in the sea. Not easy to note, acid-resistant.

3. Golden Grapefruit: Evergreen trees, mainly produced in the evergreen broad-leaved forest of Northwest Myanmar at an altitude of 800-1800 meters, aged more than 120 years. Because its processed products are similar to teak, it is also called "golden grapefruit".

In addition, there is also an outdoor patio chair that protects the quality of plastic wood. It has lower cost and is more environmentally friendly.

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