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Market conditions related to outdoor barbecues and folding patio chairs

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Market conditions related to outdoor barbecues and folding patio chairs

Poonam Saini, Technavio's and decoration market research analyst, said: "As the U.S. national economy slowly recovers from the financial crisis of 2008-2009, American construction activities continue to increase, especially household housing construction, and the demand of American consumers is also increasing."

According to Technavio's report, this market trend may affect the rise and fall of outdoor in the United States:

The demand for outdoor barbecue-related furniture products (such as outdoor folding patio chairs) has increased. Increased cooking programs and various forms of recipes have aroused American consumers'interest in cooking. The demand for outdoor cooking equipment, such as grills, has been increasing. With the concept of outdoor kitchen becoming more and more popular with consumers, their investment in grills and other equipment will increase in the next few years. Consumers who have little backyard space but like outdoor barbecues prefer portable grills. In addition, portable outdoor folding patio chairs are also welcomed by consumers.

The emergence of multi-functional outdoor folding patio chair furniture products, the concept of outdoor life, has increased the demand for multi-functional furniture. For example, there are various kinds of products on the market that can be transformed into sum.

Now there are also tables and chairs with built-in storage space, so that consumers can adjust according to their own needs. There are also soft stools that can serve as both chairs and edges. Consumers increasingly hope that household products can also be used as outdoor furniture. 

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