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Introduction of beach folding outdoor lounge chairs

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Introduction of beach folding outdoor lounge chairs

The utility model relates to a beach outdoor lounge chairs, which belongs to a folding chair composed of a metal tube and a cloth surface. The beach folding outdoor lounge chairs is composed of seating cloth, cloth armrest and chair rack. The four facades of the chair rack are joined by metal pipes pivoted in an "X" shape. A reinforced positioning block is clamped at the pivot of the left and right elevations of the chair frame of the beach outdoor lounge chairs ; by strengthening the inclined grooves and oblique holes of the convex ears on both sides of the positioning block, the inner and outer metal pipes are connected, and the bending stress of the left and right elevations of the metal pipes group near the X-shaped pivot is reduced, so as to achieve the reinforcement. Requirements. The front facade of the seashore outdoor lounge chairs is pivoted to the left and right facades by connecting blocks, so that the front end of the seating cloth is directly set on the front and upper ends of the left and right facade metal tube group, and the seating pressure of the user is transferred to the left and right facade metal tube group by adding reinforcing belts and waist reinforcing belts, so that the front and rear facade metal tubes are not necessary. The pivot joint of the group is specially strengthened, which makes the chair lighter in weight, higher in strength and easier to process and assemble.

The folding outdoor lounge chairs on the beach adds more leisure and comfort to the beach, thus making beach travel more fun. The folding recliner chair is made of silicone rubber and spring steel, which is easy to carry, store and use. This chair helps to reduce the negative, and the bright color is easy to recognize.

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