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Introduction of Three Material of Outdoor Sofa

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Introduction of Three Material of Outdoor Sofa

Outdoor sofa is one of the most commonly used outdoor furniture. There are many kinds of materials to choose. Each kind of material has different properties, and the shape and shape of products are not exactly the same. Material is the entity that makes up furniture. Different materials have different forms of expression. So classifying according to materials is an important part of outdoor sofa design. The use of materials will determine the shape and taste of an innovative furniture design work, as well as the environment, resources and pollution. Here we are divided into three parts:

1. Natural Material: The material in nature is directly used. Although it can also be processed, it still retains its natural attributes. Such as log furniture, bamboo and rattan furniture, stone furniture, roots outdoor furniture, etc.

_2. Artificial materials: all kinds of materials synthesized by artificial processing of natural materials, including the reprocessing of synthetic materials, such as glass furniture, metal furniture, braided belt furniture, etc. Especially braided belt furniture, which combines braided belt and rattan thread with aluminium alloy frame, has a very novel shape.

3. Mixed materials: Furniture made of natural materials and synthetic materials, such as Steel-wood furniture, steel furniture, aluminium-plastic furniture, cast-aluminium furniture, etc. This kind of furniture is characterized by more solid, in the exterior decoration mostly used bronze, very classical creativity.

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