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Introduction of Solid Wood Dining Chairs

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Introduction of Solid Wood Dining Chairs

High-quality goods are always exciting, but we must pay attention to the line, not the moonlight clan. Young white-collar workers will not regret if they stick to a consumption principle: only buy right, not expensive, so it is particularly important in material selection. Solid wood dining chairs account for a high proportion of outdoor products.

Material of outdoor solid wood dining chair: It's better to choose wood with high oil content for outdoor solid wood dining chair. Generally, Chinese fir, pine and teak are the main choice of wood; while tenon furniture has the aesthetic feeling of pastoral nature and structure, but it can only be done with good craftsmanship.

Metal outdoor furniture should be made of aluminium or baked paint and waterproof alloy. If bamboo and rattan outdoor furniture is chosen, it is better to depend on its specific use.

Foldable outdoor furniture is more flexible to use and takes up less space. Foldable outdoor furniture, whether wood or iron, can be easily folded through connectors, so that these furniture can be easily accommodated in Beijing when the climate is not good, and can be easily taken away if you want to travel.

In addition, rattan art, plastic, aluminum alloy, inflatable outdoor furniture because of its light weight, and meet the moisture-proof, moth-proof, rain-proof and other characteristics, and easy to move, the shape is also very delicate.

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