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How to maintain rattan chair furniture

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How to maintain rattan chair furniture

Many little friends who bought rattan chair furniture have such a question. How can I maintain rattan chair furniture? Today, Xiaobian is talking about the maintenance of rattan furniture.

rattan chair

(1) Avoid direct sunlight. The ultraviolet light in the sunlight will make the rattan become brittle, and the long-term sunlight will make the white rattan furniture turn yellow, make the tan red and bright red rattan furniture fade locally, and make the expensive bamboo rattan furniture dry, loose and detached. When direct sunlight, you may as well use translucent white Tulle curtains to separate direct sunlight, to protect rattan furniture while not affecting indoor lighting.

(2) Keep away from fire and heat sources. In the north, winter heating radiators are the enemy of rattan chair furniture. If the rattan seat is placed close to the radiator, the rattan close to the position has been dry and brittle, and the toughness has become poor, so it is difficult to recover after sitting; therefore, remember that rattan products are not close to the fire source and heat source, and if you want to put hot pot, casserole and other very hot food on the rattan table, you must remember to put on the heat insulation pad.

rattan chair

(3) Maintain ventilation. Mould is easy to grow in the eyes of woven nets. In a sunny day, it's best to move the furniture to a place with a draught after cleaning, so as to avoid mildew and keep it dry. Never ask for "dry" heartache, and lift it to the place where the sun is direct. In contrast, the cane is easy to deform or even break quickly.

(4) Avoid dampness and deformation. The advantage of rattan furniture is that it will be fixed to its original shape after being affected with damp and deformation, and it will still return to its original shape and size after being dried or dried in the shade. Therefore, when rattan chair furniture is damped and sagging, we should try to reduce its load and support it skillfully and evenly, so as to keep its original weaving shape and prevent  the gap deformation. If it's a seat, you can put a square stool or storage box under it through the rattan surface to help prop up the rattan surface, so that it can slowly dry without deformation.




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