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How to choose Leisure Outdoor chairs and tables in Outdoor Space.

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How to choose Leisure Outdoor chairs and tables in Outdoor Space.

With people paying more and more attention to the combination of work and leisure, modern comprehensive dining space has begun to get people's attention, which is characterized by the addition of restaurant furniture and leisure outdoor chairs and tables into the pattern of space.

Let the staff enjoy a better leisure experience after work. unlike the leisure tables and chairs at home and other places, the choice of leisure tables and chairs in the dining space should be paid attention to:

aluminum chairs

1. material selection can be more casual.

The leisure outdoor chair and the table are different from the dining table and chair so the rules are square, the shape does not have to say that the more personality freedom, the better, and in the use of materials do not have to stick to the board or solid wood, can use too many materials.

There are solid wood, glass, marble, synthetic plastic, aluminum alloy, rattan, cast aluminum, imitation wood and so on, which can be selected and matched according to the desired space effect.

2. pay special attention to the design sense brought by structural lines.

Yes, leisure outdoor chairs and tables should be based on the shape of leisure style, because it is leisure restaurant leisure furniture, so the appearance should be able to attract attention, to have a sense of art, to have a design.

In this way, it can be distinguished from the atmosphere of the dining space, so that people can enjoy the fun of leisure.

3. in addition to leisure, you should have the ability to receive.

The area in which it is located is usually also used as a reception area for the company, so the collocation and placement of leisure outdoor furniture, taking into account the use of receiving guests and visitors, should provide some basic functions needed to receive and negotiate.

Better play the role of leisure tables and chairs.

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