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How to care for rattan sofa

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How to care for rattan sofa?

A lot of little friends who bought rattan sofa have such a question. How can I care for rattan furniture? Today, Xiaobian is talking about the care of rattan furniture.

(1) Avoid direct sunlight for a long time and close to the fire source to prevent the rattan from fading, drying, deformation, bending, cracking, loosening and separation.

(2) When cleaning, you can use a vacuum cleaner first, or use a soft bristle brush to wipe away the floating dust from the inside to the outside, then use a wet cloth to wipe it once, and then use a soft cloth to clean it

(3) After use for a period of time, it can be wiped with light salt water, which can not only decontaminate but also keep its flexibility for a long time. It also has the function of preventing brittleness and moth.

(4) Rattan sofa renovation treatment method of primary color (natural color): first clean and dry, and then polish the outer rattan frame of rattan furniture with sandpaper, so as to remove the stains and restore the smoothness of the skin, and then apply a layer of varnish protection, which is a new look.

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