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How to buy restaurant table tops

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How to buy restaurant table tops?

Last time, I asked the editor in his private letter how to choose and buy the restaurant table tops. Today, I will give you an answer.

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(1) Glaze finish, brightness. When purchasing restaurant table tops, first of all, like ordinary white ceramics, we should pay attention to the glaze finish and brightness. Good glaze finish and brightness, very pure color, not easy to hang dirty and crud, easy to clean, long-term use is still bright as new.

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(2) Water absorption index. The so-called water absorption is an index to judge the absorption and permeability of ceramic products to water. It is understood that after the water is absorbed into the ceramic, the ceramic will produce certain expansion, so will the ceramic basin, which is easy to crack the glaze on the ceramic surface due to expansion. It can be seen that the lower the water absorption, the better the quality of ceramic products. According to the relevant national water absorption standards, sanitary ceramics with water absorption less than 3% are high-grade ceramics. Pay more attention to the manufacturer's instructions when purchasing, and try to choose products with low water absorption.

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(3) Technology, pattern and color. Most of the top-grade hand-painted worktops are made of underglaze color ceramic technology, which is also the best ceramic technology at present. Therefore, when purchasing ceramic washbasins, attention should be paid to distinguish, so as to prevent illegal dealers from passing off the overglaze color as the underglaze color and passing off the inferior color as the fake one. Underglaze decoration pays attention to freehand brushwork, which must be hand drawn, not printed or pasted, and the color should be bright.




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