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How to Fuse the Store with the Table and Chair bistro set

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How to Fuse the Store with the Table and Chair bistro set

In order to make the storefront and dining tables and chairs bistro set more fully integrated, we must learn how to skillfully match them, so as to save costs, but also lose fashion and atmosphere, so what aspects should we pay attention to?

1. Consider the grade of the store:

First of all, the form, quantity and grade of tables and chairs bistro set should be in harmony with the size and operation of the store.

Secondly. The configuration of the dining table bistro set should be based on the size, shape, grade and operation form of the business area of the shop, choose the form of the table reasonably, choose the form of the table reasonably and arrange the distance between the tables, determine the location, direction and width of the passage, and finally determine the form, specification and quantity of the table. The dining table generally has three forms: round table, square table and long table.

2. Consider the number of customers: When choosing the table bistro set specifications, the most important criterion is the maximum statistical frequency of the number of customers per table, that is, the number of customers who have the most combination of meals.

3. The number of seats should be arranged flexibly.

4. Consider using partitions: Some restaurants can have some partitions attached, which can be closed at ordinary times. When there are more guests, they can also prepare some screens and partitions. If the guests are scarce, they can separate the fast-food restaurant, leaving the most convenient space for service, while the partitioned balcony or unsatisfactory space can only be opened when there are more guests. In this way, the customers in the restaurant are scarce. I don't feel lonely either.

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