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How should the elegant wicker sofa be maintained?

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How should the elegant wicker sofa be maintained?

Wicker sofa is not only green, elegant and chic, but also shows the life taste of the home owner. But we should know that solid wood furniture may crack. Especially in winter, dry air and low indoor humidity easily cause cracking of solid wood furniture. Today we'll learn the tricks of maintaining solid wood furniture in winter.

In winter, wicker sofa need a humid environment to avoid long-term exposure of sunlight to the whole or part of solid wood furniture. If baked by sunlight for a long time, it is easy to cause local cracking and deformation of wood. Therefore, it is better to avoid sunlight exposure in furniture placement, or to use translucent gauze curtains to separate direct sunlight. Of course, furniture should not be placed in a very humid place, because wood is easy to expand when it is wet, and deformation, decay and other phenomena will occur over a long period of time.

In winter, indoor humidity is higher than outdoor humidity, so opening windows and ventilating in winter will only make the cold air outside come in and make the indoor drier. So in winter, we should reduce the time and frequency of window opening and ventilation, keep the suit-able humidity in the room, and avoid putting solid wood furniture in the vent.

Wicker sofa are usually coated with protective paint, which will fall off after a long time, and they need to be regularly re-coated with protective paint, so that they can be used longer, and the maintenance of other solid wood furniture is the same.

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