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How do I choose to buy cane outdoor sealing

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How do I choose to buy rattan outdoor sealing?

Many little friends want to buy rattan outdoor sealing, but they don't know how to buy it. Today Xiaobian tells you a few tips.

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(1) In addition to the fine hand-made technique and novel and beautiful shape, the main thing is to check whether the rattan sofa material is excellent. If the surface of rattan is wrinkled, it shows that the sofa is made of young rattan, with poor toughness, low strength, easy to break and corrosion. Rattan sofa materials are exquisite. In addition to the rattan from Yunnan, many rattan materials come from Indonesia, Malaysia and other Southeast Asian countries. These rattan materials are hard with the same head and tail thickness.

(2) You can grasp the edge of rattan sofa with both hands and shake it gently to feel whether the frame is stable.

(3) Brush the exterior sealing surface with your hand. If it's smooth, it's right if you don't tie your hand.

(4) Look at the sofa surface gloss is not even, whether there are spots and moth marks.

(5) When using and storing, do not make it close to the fire source and heat source, and do not expose it to the sun for a long time; otherwise, it is easy to deform, bend, crack, loosen and detach.

(6) Wiping rattan outdoor sealing with light salt water can not only remove stains, but also keep its flexibility for a long time. It can also prevent brittle fracture and moth.

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(7) Rattan outdoor sealing is most afraid of dust, which is not easy to clean. Usually, the dust on the surface can be moistened with a soft cloth. The dust between the gaps shall be cleaned with paint brush or vacuum cleaner. Do not use detergent or solvent that can damage the surface of rattan sofa to wipe. Avoid washing with water and direct exposure to the sun to avoid losing the elasticity and luster of rattan.




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