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How about aluminum furniture

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How about aluminum furniture?

Aluminum furniture often has screens, aluminum windows and so on. Aluminum furniture adopts extrusion molding process, i.e. aluminum ingot and other materials. 

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In the furnace, after melting, it is extruded to the mold through the extruder, and flows out for molding. It can also extrude various sections of profiles. The main properties, i.e. strength, hardness and wear resistance, are in accordance with the national standard gb6063.

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Advantages: light weight only 2.8, not easy to rust, rapid design change, low mold investment, longitudinal elongation up to 10 meters. The appearance of aluminum profile is matte and bright, and its treatment process is anodized. The thickness of oxide film on the surface treatment reaches 0.12m/m. The wall thickness of aluminum profile is selected according to the optimization of product design, not the thicker the better in the market. It should be designed according to the requirements of section structure, which can be uneven within 0.5-5mm. The layman thinks that the thicker the stronger, which is actually the wrong view.

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Disadvantages: warpage, deformation, black line, convex concave and white line. The designer's level is high, the mold design and production process are reasonable, which can avoid the above defects. The inspection of defects shall be carried out according to the inspection method stipulated by the state, i.e. the visual distance is 40 to 50cm to identify defects. 

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Aluminum without oxidation treatment is easy to "rust", resulting in performance degradation, and its longitudinal strength is not comparable to that of iron products. The wear resistance of surface oxide layer is not comparable to that of electroplated layer, which is easy to scratch, and the cost is relatively high, which is about 3 to 4 times higher than that of iron products.




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