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GANDIABLASCO's newly designed outdoor patio sofa series

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GANDIABLASCO's newly designed outdoor patio sofa series

The latest outdoor furniture series designed by GANDIABLASCO for Jos A. Ganda-Blasco Canales. DNA teak series, using aluminum frame teak slab combination, to produce a warmer aesthetic feeling. The dark colour of the wood, inspired by the Mediterranean shutters, creates a dramatic light and shadow effect. The outdoor patio sofa designed among them has a strong feeling.

An outdoor patio sofa made of colorful, durable and aging-resistant teak makes people feel bright in front of their eyes. And with the same outdoor chairs, tables to become a perfect set.

The chestnut strips juxtaposed with the white or black anodized alumina frame in the picture create an elegant appearance suitable for any space from a smaller yard to a larger one. In addition to white and black choices, the DNA TEAK series also has sand, bronze, anthracite, agate gray, concrete gray, cement gray, olive green, blue-grey, grey-blue, red-orange and orange-brown options.

GANDIABLASCO centers on outdoor patio sofa, which extends to a series of supporting designs, such as short sofa, chair, table, bed, etc., with constant inspiration and creativity...

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