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Furniture sales such as outdoor chairs in Foshan are increasing

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Furniture sales such as outdoor chairs in Foshan are increasing

The self-service decoration business in the supply chain of outdoor furniture production in Foshan, China is more like a research and development center. Through the self-service decoration team's actual experience of all links and pain points of the whole cloud project, the project is adjusted and optimized. Over the years, furniture such as outdoor chairs have been well designed and sold, and the number of exports has increased greatly every year. More and more foreign distributors like to buy outdoor chairs and other furniture in Foshan.

Some companies also offer WYSIWYG home space solutions to meet consumer demand for one-stop personalized packaging.

In addition, we provide customers with one-stop home decoration services including hard-fitting, soft-fitting, furniture, design and construction on the occasion of joint water trial and unbounded retail. In addition to elaborate design of "sunshine", "growth paradise", "business leisure", "small family has big", "smart home" and other five models to meet the consumer needs of different groups, but also set up a clean air and fresh water display area, cabinets and customized home display area, bathroom display area and the central building materials area, outdoor chair area, after watching the model room, to the building materials shopping area. Consumers can choose building materials with designers to discuss the design of the whole package. After setting the plan, there will be professional consultants for consumers to design, construction, after-sales and other comprehensive services.

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