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Five points for attention in choosing imitated rattan outdoor chair

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Five points for attention in choosing imitated rattan outdoor chair

Rattan like outdoor furniture has become a trend . It is favored by many people because of its unique material. In imitation rattan outdoor furniture, 

outdoor chairs are the most popular, so how to choose a better imitation rattan outdoor chair? Note the following five points:

1. Main material of rattan furniture - rattan: rattan, mainly divided into PE rattan, PVC rattan, PE foam rattan. 

The most commonly used is PE imitation rattan. Responsible rattan factories will use brand-new plastic particles to produce rattan. The best plastic particles are imported particles, so shell is better.  

2. Main material of rattan furniture - aluminum alloy: aluminum alloy skeleton with wall thickness no less than 1.2mm is relatively good.

3. Weaving process: the weaving process of rattan furniture is an important part of the quality of rattan furniture. Whether the weaving of rattan furniture is tight and even without omission; whether the rattan interface is dense and natural; whether the binding at the junction is compact and beautiful are all important factors that determine the quality of rattan furniture.

4. Auxiliary materials: check whether the auxiliary materials are flat, firm and environment-friendly; whether the glass and plate are smooth and easy to clean; whether the iron technology has undergone special treatment such as rust prevention and moisture-proof; whether the filler of the cushion is not easy to deform, whether the cloth pattern is spliced neatly, whether the floss is smooth and straight, and whether the overall curvature of the cane chair is consistent.

5. Accessories: all accessories of rattan furniture shall be installed tightly, flat, upright and firm; there shall be no stubble or looseness at the joint, no tenon at the joint; the rivet cap shall be smooth, flat, burr free and file free.

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