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External factors of using outdoor chairs

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External factors of using outdoor chairs:

One: Local use of carpets, decorative effect is good, especially in the room function zoning is not so clear, carpets can easily solve the problem. Try to find carpets suitable for outdoor use at the same time. They look like natural fibers, but they are actually made of synthetic fibers, which can withstand ultraviolet radiation and are moisture resistant.

Second: Whether it's a private courtyard or a balcony on the top floor of a city, place recreational outdoor chairs or other outdoor furniture outdoors. Don't forget to do a good job of privacy. Otherwise, it's inevitable that your lazy posture or charming figure will become the focus of attention in the micro-blog world. You can use curtains or movable fabric partition curtains, not only to instantly achieve the role of partition space, but also to ensure the privacy and security of action.

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Three: Although in the outdoor, natural beauty and sunshine are the focus of enjoyment, but carpets, cushions, lighting, these decorative elements similar to home can bring people more comfortable and comfortable enjoyment. If you only want to update a few outdoor equipment this summer, choose a bold backpack. Choose waterproof and ultraviolet resistant fabrics, which are not easy to fade. This information will be displayed in the fabric label.

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