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Elements of Designing Outdoor Chairs

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Elements of Designing Outdoor Chairs

With the development of society, people's way of life, way of thinking and way of communication are also changing constantly. People are eager for modern material civilization and spiritual civilization. Humanized design of urban furniture not only brings convenience to people's life, but also meets people's social respect needs. Therefore, there are also corresponding requirements in the design of leisure outdoor chairs. Humanized design puts forward high requirements for designers.

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First of all, designers are required to have the spirit of humanistic care, such as paying attention to the needs of vulnerable groups in society and the needs of the disabled. Secondly, designers are required to grasp the theoretical knowledge of ergonomics and be able to apply it to practice, reflecting the scientific and rational function of facilities. For example, the opening of the garbage bin is too high and too low for people to throw waste, and too large will expose the dirt. It is not only indecent but also breeds mosquitoes and flies. At the same time, it is also necessary to consider rainproof measures and facilitate cleaning workers. Thirdly, by adjusting aesthetic factors such as shape, color, material, craft, decoration and pattern, the design conceives and optimizes the scheme to meet people's aesthetic needs. With these directions, we can design better outdoor chairs.

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Leisure outdoor chair is an important part of the urban landscape, its role in addition to its own functions, but also reflects its decorative and imagery. The creativity and visual image of outdoor seats directly affect the planning quality of the overall urban space. Although most of these facilities are small in size, they are closely related to public life. They are inseparable from the urban landscape and faithfully reflect the level of economic development and cultural level of a city.

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