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Daily nursing care of rattan outdoor couch

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Daily nursing care of rattan outdoor couch

For outdoor couch or other outdoor furniture made of rattan, there are special nursing methods. Rattan outdoor couch is a very environmentally friendly product, not subject to local and seasonal restrictions. Resilience, moth-proof, moisture-proof, durable, the more beautiful the home green products, the more beautiful the use, the more lustrous!

Daily nursing knowledge of rattan outdoor couch:

1. In fact, rattan furniture products are more wear-resistant and dirty than leather and cloth art. Usually, only dry cloth is needed to wipe off the dust; three months with a brush or vacuum cleaner to clean up the dust of rattan furniture once; when dirty, wring the wet cloth to dry and wipe, especially dirty places with an old toothbrush gently brush, immediately dry and clean!

2. The rattan furniture usually sits on it more, the rattan sucks popularity, the longer it sits, the brighter the surface will be.

3. Don't put the product near the stove or heating, and don't expose it to the sun.

4. If the rattan part is used for a long time or is prone to depression and deformation after dampness, don't worry about it. Just wet the rattan part with a small amount of dilute salt water, it will shrink smoothly after drying (but care should be taken not to expose to the sun).

A good rattan outdoor couch, as long as you take good care of it and keep it indoors for a long time, will not be damaged after decades of use! But even if the instructions are outdoor, then you have to put it outdoors. It's better not to put it directly under the shelter and be exposed to the wind and rain for a long time, so that even the most practical furniture will shorten its life!

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